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This is an archival subset of Jill Marlin's CASSIDY Cousins site formerly hosted at The site was started near 01-Jan-2000 and expired near 12-June-2008. For the most part, the archive pages are snapshots of their original contents around 15-April-2008.

The primary goal of this archive is to preserve most of the information relevant to our CASSIDY family that was present on that site. A secondary goal was to preserve the look-and-feel of the site.

It is believed that the following categories are preserved in their entirety:

  • Photos
  • News
  • History
  • File Cabinet
  • Recipes
  • Member lists

The Online Family Trees category has specifically been excluded although all GEDCOM files have been archived.

In accessing the archives, cookies are not used. Enabling Javascript is optional; navigation through some of the lists is made somewhat easier but by using "previous" and "next" links, navigation can be accomplished without Javascript.

The archives themselves contain information about living persons and thus, access is restricted.

Access to the archives can be given but first, you are going to need to refresh this page with Javascript enabled.
Access to the archives can be given:

You will need to submit some evidence to convince me that you are a member of our CASSIDY family. If you were a member of the site, let me know what your email address was when you registered. You must also assert that you will not make publicly available any information relating to any of the living persons in the archives.

The archives are currently accessible at this link: Note, however, that the contents may be moved from time to time so it is best to return to this page to get the latest link.

If you have an interest in how the pages were archived, look here .

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